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Speed Your Time to Market with a FREE DSP Design Kit from Texas Instruments. Bonus: Order Code Composer Studio Now and Receive a $500.00 Discount
Working Together! Xilinx and Agilent Technologies Cooperate to Improve FPGA Designer Productivity. Register to Download the ChipScope Tool and the ILA Core at an Introductory Price of $195.
Join the Programmable Analog Revolution Arm yourself with a PACsystem80 Development Kit for $149.00
The MC14600 Motorola Alarm IC Request Free Samples and Enter a New World of Sensing Solutions
Get Your Hands on a Hot System! The Motorola 68HC908GP32 Evaluation Kit helps you evaluate all the features and functions of Motorola's MC68HC908GP32 8-bit FLASH microcontroller.
Register for a FREE Low-Cost Fiber Evaluation Kit, and discover the benefits for yourself! Agilent Technologies' low-cost fiber optics helps get your network out of the kitchen.
Get More from M·CORE: Purchase the MMC2001 Low-Cost Processor Board at a discounted rate of $199.
TI 'C6203 Design kit Includes technical documentation, free seminar offers and discounts on EVMs to help shorten the DSP design cycle.
Request your free Xicor Product Selection Guide! Xicor's nonvolatile products are ideal for use in the telecommunications, computer, consumer appliance, automotive, avionics, military, instrumentation, and industrial-control marketplaces, and are designed and tested for applications requiring extended endurance.
Get Empowered with Excimer. The Excimer board implements a Motorola PowerPC" system to demonstrate the capabilities of the PowerPC" 603e, while providing a platform for designers to investigate the PowerPC" architecture and consider software development.
Get Your Designs Rolling! The New Virtex Development System gives you a significant advantage in your designs and helps reduce development cycles by allowing immediate development and functionality testing.
Turn Your Designs ON! Formerly a division of Motorola, ON Semiconductor offers the same advanced semiconductor technology you've come to trust, with an exciting new range of products.
Tomorrow's Fiber Space...Today. HP introduces fast, high-volume network delivery-half the size, double the density, all the performance!

Reference Design Kits

Inclinometer Utilizing Hitachi's H8 Microcontroller and Analog Devices Accelerometer, this display instrument renders roll and tilt from a level plane.
AmbER, AMD AM186ER Microcontroller: Based on AMD's Am186ER embedded microcontroller, featuring 32KB of integrated RAM, 32-bit performance, glueless memory and more.
Motorola 821 Embedded Controller An extremely flexible design that can be used as a basis for a broad range of mobile embedded computing applications. Click to download pkzip file archive, 691KB
Spectralizer DSP: A combination 20-band (10-band stereo) spectrum analyzer and equalizer utilizing Texas Instruments' TMS320C203 DSP

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