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Advanced Search: Price, Availability, and Datasheets

How to use this search...

AvnetMarshall.com provides you with an advanced search capability driven by a part number query. You can control the results-set by utilizing our search modification features.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Part Number: Enter the part number (complete or partial) in the "Part Number" field

  2. Search Type: Control the results-set based on whether you entered a complete or partial part number by selecting the appropriate "Search Type"

  3. Manufacturer: Further control the results-set by altering the "For Manufacturers" field to a single selected supplier

  4. Results: Choose between a table containing 10 or 25 rows by selecting the appropriate "Results Per Page"

In addition, this search offers advanced search criteria capability. See below for information on part number search criteria.

Part number search criteria…

You can search for multiple part numbers by separating each part number with a colon (:). Within each part number you may use wildcards to represent "any" character. The asterisk (*) means any number of characters, and a question mark (?) represents any one character.

To search by your internal part number, you must first be signed into the Avnet Marshall Connection. If you do not have a Avnet Marshall Connection account, click here. This search option works the exact same way as searching by manufacturer part number.


Search Type Search Criteria Results
Manufacturer Part Number LT1009 This search will find every part number that begins with "LT1009". An asterisk is automatically appended to the search criteria if you do not include it. This example will return LT1009CD, LT1009CDR, LT1009CLP, and seven other part numbers.
Manufacturer Part Number LT1009:CR21-5 This search will find every part number that begins with "LT1009" and every part number that begins with "CR21-5". An asterisk is automatically appended to the search criteria for each part number entry. This search will return over 50 part number that either start with LT1009 or CR21-5. Keep in mind you can search for any amount of manufacturer part numbers at once. This method will also work for "Your Part Number" searches*.
Manufacturer Part Number *74?C00* This search will find every part number that begins with anything, followed by "74", followed by any one character, followed by "C00", followed by any characters. The results will include 74HC00D, 74HC00N, SN74AC00D, and SN74HC00N.

More about our Advance Search...

The Avnet Marshall newly enhanced search gives you a flexible way to get information on parts. You will see that we have made it easy to search for parts by part numbers, as well as making the search results more informative.

You can search for...
  • Product pricing and delivery

  • Product datasheets

  • General product information (minimums, multiples, lead time,...)

  • Products to place an order

  • Products to request samples

  • Products to get expert technical assistance

You can search by...
  • Manufacturer Part Number

  • Your Internal Reference Part Number*

(* requires a Avnet Marshall Connection login)

Additional help on search for Avnet Marshall Connection Users is in our Avnet Marshall Connection Search FAQ

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