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Avnet has introduced BOM7Optimizer -- the first installment in a series of solutions aimed at closing the information gaps in the electronics manufacturing supply chain. In the development of these Bill of Material (BOM) services, Avnet combined decades of supply chain knowledge with the technology expertise of its strategic alliance partner, SpinCircuit.
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:CY), the industry leader in Universal Serial Bus (USB) controller solutions, announced today the acquisition of ScanLogic Corp. (www.scanlogic.com), a provider of USB controllers for embedded and PC applications. The acquisition complements and extends Cypress's industry-leading portfolio of USB products.
Following last year's withdrawal of merger plans with eChips Inc.,Avnet Inc.'s Production Supplies and Test (PSAT) group has undergone a transformation by restructuring its internal operations and readying an automated warehouse and e-catalog.
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