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To demonstrate the versatility of Hitachiís H8 family of microcontrollers, Avnet Design Servicesí Technical Support Center (TSC) has created the Inclinometer. The Inclinometer is a display instrument that renders the amount of forward/backward roll and side-to-side tilt from a level plane. The Inclinometer can be utilized for applications such as curve acceleration meters, sailboat heel meters, or logging devices for vibration analysis equipment.

The Avnet Design Services Inclinometer features:

  • Hitachi H8/300H Microcontroller H8/3048F

  • Hitachi LCD Display LMG8400PLGR

  • Analog Devices Accelerometer ADXL202

Roll and tilt are represented in +/- degrees from zero. Key feature parts provide the Inclinometer the ability to operate from a battery source, sense gravitational forces, and display the results. The H8/300H handles key power management issues, obtains and displays the sensor results and logs the data set. The H8ís on-board flash allows the unit to be upgraded with enhanced functionality. This combined with the Analog Devices ADXL202 accelerometer 2g-measurement ability allows the unit to be programmed for numerous different applications. Inclinometer features and functionality:

  • Battery powered ē External DC power adapter option

  • 4" x 4" 240 x 128L CD dot matrix display

  • Hitachi powered

  • RS232 PC interface

  • In-circuit re-programmable flash

  • Compact overall size, approximately 4" x 4"

  • Accelerometer provided the X- and Y-axis measurements

  • Expandable with the aid of additional software allowing for the adaptation of the unit to measure G forces in X and Y co-ordinates (based on in-circuit re-programmability)

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