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Level One Communications, Inc., an Intel company, is the leading semiconductor supplier providing silicon connectivity, LAN switching and WAN access solutions for high speed telecom and network applications. Avnet Electronics Marketing is excited to distribute Level One semiconductor products because these components are elements in today’s telecommunications and data communications networks and are some of the key building blocks for the Intranets and Internets of the future.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
Integrated T1/E1 Short-
Haul Transceivers and Receivers
Switched 56/DDS
T1/E1 Clock Adapters
T1/E1 Long-Haul Transceivers
T1/E1 Repeaters

Gigabit Ethernet
Fast Ethernet
Basic 10BASE-T Ethernet
Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC)

Acclaim Legacy Products
White Paper: Building Scalable, Manageable Switched Networks
Frame Relay and Voice Tutorial

Network Processor
Product Reference Guide
Level One Telecom Product Line Summary
Level One Networking Product Line Summary

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1999 Annual Reliability Report

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DSL Performance Analyzer Tool

Level One Loop

Gigabit Ethernet

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