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In presenting Dallas Semiconductor's innovative CMOS products, Avnet offers components that give designers an edge in performance and efficiency. For example, Dallas' Thermal Management control solutions integrate a complete, all-digital thermal management system on a chip. New Battery Management products are leading the way to making smart batteries smarter and cheaper. Dallas' Microcontrollers are faster and more secure, based on redesign of the standard 8051 for efficiency, and NV RAM and cryptography for data security. In communications, transceivers, framers and HDLC controllers offer the highest density port capacity on the market for T1/E1 solutions. And finally, some of the most densely integrated chips available come from Dallas' Automatic Information family, where sensor, processing and secure data storage systems are combined on a single chip.

Communications Products
Battery Management
Thermal Management
Bus Termination
CPU Supervisors
Digital Potentiometers
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Silicon Timed Circuits
Automatic Information
Data Loggers

First Single-Chip, Multi-Supply System Monitor with Manual Resets
Industry's First 3.3V E1/T1/J1 Short and Long Haul LIU
New 8051 First to Integrate Dual CAN and Address 4-Megabyte Memories
New Framers First to Match T1/T3 and E1/E3 Capacities with High Density Port Architecture
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Dual CAN High-Speed Microprocessor Three Times Faster than 8051
Accurate Timekeeping without Calibration from this 32.768kHz TCXO

DS80C390 Extends
High-Performance Networking in
Embedded Systems

DS1845 Dual Potentiometer First Optimized for Gigabit Transceiver Modules

DS1831 Multi-Supply MultiMonitor

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